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Residential Services

Residential Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpet represents a significant investment in your home. And to protect this investment, nothing is better than a thorough cleaning by Leonardo's Carpet Cleaning. We offer the safest and most thorough carpet and cleaning available. All of our cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for your home, your pets, your family, and the environment.

What Include in the Service?

We use a hot water extraction process to clean your carpets. This method is usually called "Steam Cleaning". This is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend.

  • Vacuuming - Always the first step. We do this, so you don't have to (extra charges for vacuuming apply).
  • Pretreatment - All carpets are pretreated with special product that breakdown and suspend the more difficult highly soiled areas for easier removal.
  • Pre-spotting - For the most difficult stains, we have a wide variety of professional spotting agents that are designed not to damage your fabrics or alter the original color.
  • Agitation - This is necessary to allow for even distribution of the cleaning detergents enhancing the suspension of soil.
  • Rinse - The final step, which ensures that no soap residue remains.
  • Groom Carpet - Helps evenly distribute the protector and removes footprints and wand marks.
Residential Services

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning

We can provide you with complete "tile and grout cleaning services". We also seal grout for stain protection. Our equipment, the Hydro-Force Gekko SX-12 blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough surfaces. Its rotary arm spins creating an amazing soil blasting power working from 700 to 2,000 psi, while the vacuum ports picks up all the waste.

We Clean and Restore any:

  • Restaurants floors
  • Schools floors
  • Garage floors
  • Bathrooms Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Grouted Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Rubber Studded Floors
  • Pool Decks
Residential Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Most people take a lot of pride in their home and try their very best to keep it neat and tidy, so that visitors will leave with a good impression. Usually, when we have guests over, the first place they will enter is the living room and the first thing they will notice is the state of your sofa and armchairs. Therefore, regular upholstery cleaning is a must in order to maintain a good image.

Sofas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials that accent the living room, making it attractive and welcoming to your guests. They are also the most used piece of furniture, and not only by you, your family or your invited guests, but also by unwanted settlers that refuse to leave... dust mites!

These microscopic pests live deep in your sofa and feed on the fibres, fallen hairs and skin flakes left behind by the people sitting or lying on the sofa. The sofa provides an endless supply of food, which makes it the perfect breeding ground.

One way to prevent these pests of coming is by calling Leonardo's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning company in MA that can provide an upholstery cleaning service. Leonardo's Cleaning will clean your sofa and armchairs all dust, allergens, stubborn stains and absorbed sweat. We are fully trained to use state of the art cleaning equipment and we have expert knowledge to utilize the correct cleaning method and products for any type of sofa material, ensuring that your furniture is in safe hands. Once Leonardo's upholstery cleaner have worked their magic you and your guests can finally enjoy some quality time in your beautiful living room without being afraid to sit down.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Procedures:

  • Vacuum the entire upholstered item using truck mount powered vacuum with an upholstery brush removing the dry soil.
  • Specific spots treatment.
  • Apply pre-conditioner (loosens the soil clinging to the fibers).
  • Brush in the pre-conditioner with a soft brush.
  • Rinse and extract the upholstery with a non-residual rinsing product, removing spotting agents, pre-conditioners and soil.
  • Apply upholstery protector. *optional
  • Groom upholstery
  • Apply deodorizer. *optional
Residential Services

Area Rugs

Area Rugs Steam Cleaning

We do not carry your rug, cleaning is done on place only!

Rugs are some of the most cherished items found in any house. They differ in prices depending on their quality and to some they are investments around the house. The service a rug cleaner offers depends on the care accorded to it, meaning that taking care of your rug in the proper way and method will definitely add some life to it by keeping it free from damages and unnecessary repairs.

We are skilled and knowledgeable rug cleaner who know what is best for your rug and will use the ideal washing method to avoid damages. One of the most preferable and safe methods used in cleaning a rug is steam cleaning.

Choosing to go for rug steam cleaning service is advantageous since this method of cleaning uses hot water in the form of steam to get rid of grime and dirt from your rug. This in turn gets rid of all dirt, fungi and pests that could have found a home in the rug and carpet. The heat works by killing all kinds of bacteria and germs leaving your rug fresh and hygienic, hence promoting good health within your household. You will not have to worry about pests such as dust mites which are common in many homes with this kind of rug cleaning.

Rug manufactures and fiber producers normally advise that steam cleaning be used on the rugs as an efficient way of cleaning. Different equipments for this process have been developed making the work of the professionals easy. This is also a great way of ensuring that your rug remains in top shape even after several such washings.

Residential Services

Water Damage

Water Damage

Flooding can happen to anyone. Whether flooding occurs because of an accident, a storm, or otherwise, cleaning up from a flood can not only be time-consuming, but it can also be costly if you're not careful about how you go about the clean-up process. Here are some tips to save you time and money on your post-flood clean-up so that you can recover from flooding and water damage faster:

Work with professionals

Hands down, working with a professional water damage cleaner is the best way to quickly recover after a flood. Professional water damage repair experts not only have the experience to know what types of flood damage warning signs to look for, but they also have the necessary tools to help prevent-or reverse-long-term damage caused by humidity, standing water, and more.

Remove standing water first

Flood clean-up crews can help to remove standing water from your home using a high-power and fast-acting pump. By removing standing water quickly after a flood, you drastically decrease the severity of water damage, in many cases. By decreasing the severity of the water damage, you increase your savings and reduce the amount of water damage repair and replacement you need to tackle.

Eliminate moisture and humidity

It's also essential not only to remove standing water from your home after a flood, but also to eliminate moisture and humidity from the air and from surfaces that have been impacted by the flood waters. By completely drying your walls, flooring, furniture, and other belongings, we help to salvage any materials that have not been damaged by the flood waters.


After we remove moisture from your belongings, including your flooring and walls, we sanitize your space. Sanitizing your space helps to ensure that mold, mildew, and bacteria will not grow as a direct result of the flood. Moreover, sanitizing your space helps to ensure that the air quality is improved over what it would be if you allowed moisture to stay in your space.

Reduce breeding ground

In addition to reducing the breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew, by eliminating moisture from your environment, we also eliminate environments that may be hospitable to insects, such as termites. As most homeowners know, termites can cause expensive damages in a very short amount of time-and lead you to require major repairs to your home.

Contact us today-or whenever you need fast and professional flood clean-up. Fast clean-up can save you time and money, while ensuring that your home is sanitary and safe for your whole family.

Residential Services

VCT Floor Strip and Waxing

Residential VCT Floor Care

When we strip and wax VCT floor tiles, what you are basically doing is removing the existing layer of finish and adding a new one. This is important to VCT floor care because the appearance of the tiles in your building will be noticeably cleaner and brighter in color. This labor-intensive process begins with the application of stripper with a mop. A buffer removes the wax and a vacuum will clean the resulting dirt off the tiles. We repeat this process a few times. Then let the tiles dry completely. Then we start the process to reinstate the shine of the VCT flooring.

While it may seem to be of lesser importance, VCT floor care and carpet cleaning is imperative for keeping your home looking and feeling clean. The strip and wax method on VCT tiles along with steam carpet cleaning in carpeted areas will make a difference. The right carpet cleaner business should also do VCT floor care, for your consideration.

You also have to follow some precautions. Vinyl flooring is mostly damaged by the furniture corners and heavy objects. It is very hard to remove the stains from vinyl flooring. So try to clean the stain as soon as possible. Avoid the usage of detergents to clean vinyl flooring because it leaves patches on the floor.

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